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There's no home
Like no home

[Scene: Ancient Japan. Two Samurai are on IRC.]
Samu1   You know, we should make a Usenet group        for our warlord.Samu2   Yes, I think that would bring him much honour.Binky   H3Y WH3R3 4R3 4LL TH3 CH1CKS?!?!?!? 1RC 1S K3WL.Samu1   Sigh...
Thus was born alt.fan.warlord.Also of note, a someone nicknamed 'Binky' met a rather untimely demise.

[Ceci n'est pas un pipe]Nosy Parker! You had to do it, didn't you? You had to look for it,blood, sweat, tears, the works, and now you found it - congratulations.Big deal, I might add. Ah well. So this is it. My personal homepage. Iguess you expect some sort of egotrip here - me bragging about me being thisincredibly interesting, kind, intelligent, handsome, caring, creativeperson, one whose acquantance is a thing to be carefully cherished, tobe proud to tell your offspring's offspring of.

[Ceci n'est pas un pipe]Alas. Nothing like that. Although I am including anot-too-sucky picture in which I appear, sinceI do feel a tad more weakharted (or less mean-spirited, ifyou prefer) than usual right now. There.I bet I'll live to regret this. Apart from that, there's nothing much to be found here, I'mafraid (well, not afraid, actually)... except maybe for the followingtidbits:

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